Gildan Shirts

The Gildan Way: Making Apparel Better!

They are one of the world’s largest manufacturers of apparel, with more than $1 billion invested since 2011 in technology, innovation and sustainable solutions.

Their Vision
Making Apparel Better

By owning vertically-integrated world-class factories and developing expertise in every step in the process they uncover efficiencies and resource savings most cannot see.

They leverage our large scale and global reach to create positive impacts on how apparel is made by investing in technology, continuous improvements and sustainable solutions.
Their Mission
They Create Value in Everything they Do
They create value for customers by delivering superior quality products for the whole family at everyday low prices.

they have a positive influence on the communities where they operate by acting responsibly and generating positive economic impacts.

They empower their employees to succeed while treating them with respect and dignity, because they know they are the key to our success.

They drive consistent earnings and sales growth, superior returns on investment and ongoing operational excellence to create value for their shareholders.

They accept our responsibility to pursue continuous improvement.

They Act Like Entrepreneurs

At Gildan, they are determined to pursue excellence and constantly challenge the status que. As a founding principle of Gildan’s DNA, our entrep reneurial spirit reflects our leadership’s passion to do more and continuously do better. Throughout the entire organization, they have instilled a sense of ownership and accountability to contininue to drive their future growth and success.

There is no limit to what we can achive!


They Operate Responsibly

At Gildan, they understand that operating responsibly is critical to achieving their long term goals. Their genuine commitment to best practices in every area of the company and to operating ethical, safe and sustainable manufacturing fa cilities influences every decision they make, down to the smallest detail. They are proud to be respected both for the quality of their products and how they make them

Everyday apparel, done right!


They Believe in Their People

At Gildan, they value empowerment and teamwork everywhere they operate, because they know that when they roll up their sleeves and work together, nothing is beyond their reach. The pride that they have in every product they make and every life they touch can be seen through their commitment to their employees, customers, investors and partners worldwide.

Success starts and ends with our people!