Payment Methods

Credit Card
Credit cards are the most widely used online payment method in the world. Customers receive a line of credit and pay back the amount they spent in one go, generally at the end of the month. Many of the world’s leading credit card brands give customers a sense of security and most of them offer extensive buyer’s protection and insurances

Currently we support Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. Visa alone has 2.5 billion cards in circulation and is active in more than 200 countries, with a total of 109 billion transactions per year.

Bancontact is the Belgian market leader when it comes to electronic payments. It offers a wide variety of payment services in addition to online payments, like in-store card transactions. This makes Bancontact a well-known and trusted name in Belgium.

The consumer holds a physical card which is linked to a Belgian bank account. There are over 15 million Bancontact cards on the market, issued by 20 different Belgian banks. Bancontact processes about 150,000 online transactions a day.

Payments made through Bancontact are guaranteed and immediately confirmed. This means that the payment is final once it’s been made and can’t be reversed by the consumer. On top of that, payments with Bancontact are always protected by 3D-secure technology. In 2015, Bancontact introduced an app, which makes paying online even easier.

iDEAL is the most widely used payment method in the Netherlands. At least 60% of Dutch shoppers use it to pay for their online purchases. It’s a trusted, secure and convenient way of paying online. Customers transfer money directly from their bank account, through the online banking product they’re familiar with. This guarantees a successful payment that can’t be reversed by the customer. The customer’s bank guarantees that the transaction is secure.

iDEAL is seamlessly integrated with the online banking products of the 10 largest Dutch consumer banks. Customers of these banks log in to their online banking environment to transfer payments. Participating banks are ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, bunq, Handelsbanken, ING, Knab, Rabobank, RegioBank, SNS Bank, Triodos Bank and Van Lanschot Bankiers.

Since its introduction in 2005, over a billion payments have been made through iDEAL and over 100.000 webshops and other organisations have implemented it as a payment method.

Sofort Banking
SOFORT Banking is a European-wide payment method which allows shoppers to pay for their purchases or make donations without having to create an account. Customers use their personal online banking credentials to log in and transfer money from their bank account. SOFORT Banking has a TÜV certificate which guarantees the safety of using it as a payment method.

SOFORT Banking can be used by shoppers from 8 countries in Europe. This makes it the ideal payment method to allow for Europe-wide expansion, which will drive conversions. SOFORT Banking is available in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Poland. It works with most consumer banks from these countries.

SOFORT Banking is a trusted and easy way of paying online. Customers us their familiar online banking credentials to log in to SOFORT Banking’s online banking environment and from there they transfer money directly from their bank account.

Over 35.000 merchants already offer SOFORT Banking to their customers, together they accept more than 2 million transactions each month. More than 20 million shoppers from all over Europe prefer to pay using SOFORT Banking.

Belfius Pay
Belfius is one of Belgium’s biggest banks and provides its customers with its own online payment method. Customers with a Belfius bank account can use this payment method to transfer payments directly from Belfius’ online banking environment or through the bank’s smartphone app. Payments made through the Belfius Pay Button are guaranteed and can’t be reversed by the customer, so merchants can continue processing orders immediately when the payment is authorised.

More than a million of Belfius’ customers use its online banking environment, Belfius Direct Net, which makes them eligible to use the Belfius Pay Button.

KBC/CBC Payment
The KBC/CBC Payment Button is an online payment method for customers of the KBC and CBC, Belgium’s largest consumer banks. KBC is the Flanders’ branch while CBC services Wallonia. Both branches offer their customers a payment button with which online payments can be transferred quickly and easily. When customers pay through the KBC/CBC Payment Button they transfer the payment directly from their own, trusted online banking environment. Payments are transferred immediately so once authorised are guaranteed.

Apart from being a secure and guaranteed payment method, KBC/CBC also allows their customers to pay amounts between 50 and 1.250 euro up to 2 months later, which drives conversions. Customers can choose when the amount is withdrawn from their accounts but merchants are always credited instantly.

PayPal is the most used online wallet in the world, with over 184 million active users. It can be used as a payment method in 202 countries and is used more and more in the Netherlands too, where more than 4 million online purchases are paid through PayPal per year.

Customers connect their credit card or bank account to their PayPal account, or add credit to their account. When using PayPal to pay for a purchase, the customer logs in and authorises the payment with just their e-mail address and PayPal password. No further personal and financial details need to be shared with the website, which makes PayPal very safe. Payments can also be settled through smartphone or tablet, which allows customers to pay anywhere with ease.

For customers, PayPal is a safe and easy way of paying for purchases online and it enjoys a high level of trust and confidence with them because they don’t have to share personal or financial details with a store or site. PayPal also offers both buyer and seller protection. Customers can have the full amount of their purchase reimbursed if they don’t receive an item, or receive an item that doesn’t fit the description. Sellers are protected against receiving unauthorised payments and unsubstantiated claims of not received products.

Germany’s most popular way to pay online is the bank transfer, used in 51% of all online purchases. This makes Giropay, integrating over 1,500 German banks, a very popular payment method on the German market. Because it uses real-time bank transfer, the payments made with Giropay are 100% guaranteed.

The Austrian e-commerce market is governed by Alternative Payment Methods, with bank transfer as the most commonly used payment method. EPS holds the position of most popular bank transfer payment method in Austria. Customers like to use the payment method, because it’s an initiative of the Austrian banks and Government.

ING Home’Pay
ING Belgium is one of Belgium's biggest banks. It created Home'Pay as a dedicated payment method for its consumer and enterprise customers. Home'Pay allows customers with either a Home'Bank or Business'Bank online banking account to safely pay for online purchases through their own, trusted online banking environment, without the need for a credit card. Because payments are transferred directly from the customer's bank account, once authorised, payment is guaranteed. This means that Home'Pay is both safe and reliable for retailer and consumer alike.

ING Belgium has over 2.5 million customers who are eligible to use the ING online banking environment and Home'Pay. Furthermore, Belgium could be a great addition to any online market. Over 2016 the Belgian e-commerce market saw a turnover of 9 billion euro and was the fastest growing e-commerce market of Europe.

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